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You can now find much material from old Christian, Puritan and Reformed writers available free online. Just search by your favorite author or look through our Bookstore Catalog for authors we approve.

Here are some websites where you can find good, sound material from old writers.
This does not necessarily mean we endorse all content found there.

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Why Read Old Authors –
Hall of Church History –
Puritan Sermons –
Spurgeon Archive –
Writings of: St. Augustine, R. Baxter, H. Bonar, E. M. Bounds, J. Bunyan, J. Calvin, S. Charnock, P. Doddridge, A. Edersheim, J. Edwards, J. Flavel, J. Foxe, W. Guthrie, J. H. Jowett, W. Law, M. Luther, J. Owen, S. Rutherford, C. H. Spurgeon, J. H. Taylor, T. Watson, I. Watts, G. Whitefield
Writings of: T. Boston, J. Bunyan, J. Calvin, S. Charnock, J. Edwards, J. Flavel, C. Hodge, F. W. Krummacher, R. M. M’Cheyne, J. Owen, A. W. Pink, W. Romaine,   J. C. Ryle, R. Sibbs, C. H. Spurgeon, T. Watson
     Puritan Writings
     Writings by Thomas Boston
Writings of: T. Bradbury, W. Gadsby, J. Irons, J. Kershaw, J. Philpot, W. Tiptaft, J. Rusk, J. Warburton and more.
Book More Than Notion by J. H. Alexander.
Story of Sukey Harley – W. Huntington’s Works

L. R. SHELTON, SR. SERMONS around the web:   Many Audio Sermons
God’s Election in John 3:16    Printed
Total Depravity and the Necessity of the New Birth    Printed
The Love and Wrath of Christ    Printed     Audio
The Effectual Call of God    Printed     Audio
The Day of Doom    Printed
What Is Calvinism    Audio

Baptist Confession of Faith, 1689 (Spurgeon’s edition)
London Baptist Confession of 1644
New Hampshire Baptist Confession, 1833
Spurgeon’s Catechism of 1855

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