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For over 85 years Radio Missions has been the broadcast outreach of the First Baptist Church of Algiers, Louisiana which originated on the West Bank of New Orleans, Louisiana.  After Hurricane Katrina caused great damage to the New Orleans area in 2005, the Ministry moved to Walker, Louisiana.

The First Baptist Church of Algiers began as a small Mission Church and in 1927 L. R. Shelton, Sr., who attended the Baptist Institute in New Orleans, became its Pastor.  Pastor Shelton devoted all his time and energy to Evangelizing Southeast Louisiana.  However, the rationing of tires and gasoline during World War II put an end to this extensive mission work, leaving radio broadcasts as the only means of reaching people with the truth of the Gospel.

On January 10, 1943 Pastor Shelton opened the first radio broadcast, a 15 minute weekly program and began preaching, as he said, “God’s Word as it is, to men as they are.”  It was a small beginning to a Ministry that now airs numerous programs on hundreds of radio stations throughout the globe.

Pastor Shelton passed away in 1971 and the Ministry’s current Pastor is Albert Pendarvis who is the speaker on the Monday-Friday “Old Trailblazer Broadcast” produced by the Ministry.

Since 1950 Radio Missions has operated “The Old Puritan Press,” a publishing endeavor which prints and distributes over 300 booklet titles offered at no charge.  Further, “The Old Puritan Press” publishes the “Voice of Truth” Magazine each Quarter which is mailed to an extensive mailing list throughout the world.

Also during the 1950’s the ministry began The Radio Bible and Book Room as a means of helping families build personal libraries of sound, Scriptural Christian books at affordable prices.  Today, the Radio Bible and Book Room offers a large selection of early Baptist, Puritan, and Reformed books, King James Bibles, Commentaries, and gifts.  The Book store is located within the Church Office complex and offers products via mail order.

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