Radio Missions Frist Baptist Church Algiers


Radio Missions, First Baptist Church Algiers

January, 2015

My Dear Friends of Radio Missions:

I greet you with news of how the Lord has been faithful to this Ministry and how he has provided yet another tremendous opportunity for us to get out the Truth of the Gospel! Beginning this month we are broadcasting the LIVE WORSHIP SERVICE each Sunday ... live from the Church ... over International Shortwave Radio Station WWCR ("World Wide Christian Radio"). The potential listenership to WWCR is over 4 BILLION Shortwave Radios.

On January 10, 1943 Pastor Shelton opened the first radio broadcast, which was a fifteen minute weekly program, and began preaching, as he said, "God's Word as it is, to men as they are." I do not believe he could have ever imagined the Message of the Truth would be broadcast on a world-wide basis like the Lord has allowed us to do today. Behold, my friend what God has done ... beginning with a weekly fifteen minute broadcast we now air radio broadcasts on over one hundred radio stations daily and weekly, we air our broadcasts live over the internet to the World, and now our live broadcasts goes out via International Shortwave to a potential 4 Billion listeners.

Truly, God's hand rests upon this work!

Pray with me that the Lord will use our new broadcast over WWCR International Shortwave to bring souls into the Harvest and also please remember it is only your faithful giving of tithes and offerings that makes all of this possible.

We have heard, recently, of our Lord saving some of our folks who have been struggling for a long time. I tell folks "never give up and never look back." If the Holy Spirit is dealing with you even in the slightest bit, don't become discouraged.

I often tell you there is not one thing worth going back to and Satan would love for you to return to your old habits. He does not care for your soul.

Oh dear friend, I wish that I could sit down by you who are lost and tell you how much our Lord paid to redeem your poor soul. Christ came here to this Earth to save lost sinners ... nothing else ... not to make this a better place. Oh no, it was only to redeem poor lost souls.

You say, "Pastor, tell me how a sinner is saved." First and foremost all men are born into this world as depraved sinners. Folks don't want to hear this and our modernist Pastors do not preach this but it is so. God's Word tells us that we are sinners by birth, by our nature, and yes by God's decree. We are told we are blinded to this truth and are asleep in the lap of our old enemy Satan. What an awful condition we find ourselves to be in, but in mercy to our souls, the Lord has elected a number that will come to Him and be saved.

It begins with the Blessed Holy Spirit moving a heart ... opening a heart ... and yes, awakening that heart to realize its true condition. That pour soul comes to see his guilty distance from a Holy God. He comes to see that he has no righteousness of his own and sees that no-one can ever enter the Kingdom of Heaven without the righteousness that our Lord provided by His death on the cross.

Everyone does not experience the same degree of Holy Spirit conviction but everyone whoever comes to know Christ sees their true condition. That person sees and knows he doesn't deserve to be saved and it is only the goodness, grace, and love of our Blessed Lord that anyone is ever saved.

I know in my own life, I would never have come to the Lord for salvation. It was His opening my heart, showing me my lost condition and my guilty distance from God. I will never cease to praise the Lord for electing me, calling me, and then dealing with my heart in love.

My dear friend, if you are awakened to your lost condition don't linger any longer for time is short. I would that I could alarm you, but I cannot. I can only bring you the Word of God. The Lord has said He will not strive with you always. Think with me, how long has the Lord been dealing with you? I ask you, please, think now of your soul and be saved.

Pray for me and I pray for you.

Your Pastor,
Pastor Albert Pendarvis

Pastor Pendarvis

If you would like to help us with a donation please make your check payable to
"Radio Missions"
and mail it to our office as follows:

  Pastor Albert Pendarvis
  P. O. Box 1810
 Walker, LA 70785-1810
Phone: (225) 664-8658
FAX: (225) 664-2588


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