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Radio Missions, First Baptist Church Algiers

March, 2014

My Dear Friend of Radio Missions

It's time, once again, to bring you news and notes about Radio Missions and the work here which the Lord has put our hands to. I well remember reading one of Pastor Shelton's early sermons as a young man, taken from Luke 9:62, "And Jesus said unto him, No man, having put his hand to the plough, and looking back, is fit for the kingdom of God." Many are the times in which I grow despondent and tired, maybe even frustrated as I see seemingly hardly any results of my labor here as your Pastor. I know very well that it does not depend on me that souls are ever Saved ... this is never far from my mind.

I believe with all my heart that the Lord has kept us here at Radio Missions ... beginning with the late Pastor L. R. Shelton and others up to this very hour. I never doubt that this is the Lord's work and I know that He will supply the grace for our lives and the finances for the radio work and other expenses. He gave me that faith years ago that this is His labor of love. I praise the Lord every day for the lives and testimony of those redeemed ones who have gone on to be with the Lord. Having known them and heard their testimonies has kept me looking to the Lord. In many dark times I have seen the grace that was given to them through good times and bad times. I count the people of Radio Missions and all of its preaching places as my own family. What a blessing it has been to me for many years to visit in homes all over our great Country and find sweet fellowship with God's redeemed ones.

Now for a few words of the work here. These last months have brought much sickness to many of our loved ones and friends young and old. Several of our people have gone on to be with the Lord and others are suffering from much sickness. I would that you would pray for them and call them. If you feel led to, we can give you their address so that you can send them a card and cheer them up. I know how I feel when I get those cards and phone calls myself. I often feel we neglect to tell folks of our love for them. And just to think it doesn't cost a penny to make someone feel loved. There is not much love in our world today.

I just want to mention our world condition and what's taking place in our political, social, and economic world. I mention this to say to you ... Are we longing and running after these things? I sure hope not. If you are God's child your hope and mine is not in this world ... no ... I tell you look up! Our Lord is coming soon! He is our hope! My prayer is and has been that my people and the folks of this ministry would be found praying for the Salvation of your loved ones and friends. Only the Holy Spirit can open hearts to see the need to seek the Lord. Would you pray with me? If so write me or call me that I may know that I do not stand alone.

Don't forget our Spring Fellowship time, the last Sunday in April. Come early and come praying. I'll be looking for you!

All my love,
Pastor Albert Pendarvis
Pastor Pendarvis

If you would like to help us with a donation please make your check payable to
"Radio Missions"
and mail it to our office as follows:

  Pastor Albert Pendarvis
  P. O. Box 1810
 Walker, LA 70785-1810
Phone: (225) 664-8658
FAX: (225) 664-2588



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