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Radio Missions, First Baptist Church Algiers

June / July, 2014

My Dear Friend;

Here we are already in June 2014, this year almost half gone. I think often of that verse, "The harvest is past, the summer is ended, and we are not saved." (Jer. 8:20) I don't know why the Lord has seemingly burned that verse into my heart except I see so many; my loved ones, my family, my friends, my congregation, who are not yet within the fold and my heart is grieved.

I come here to send out greetings from Radio Missions with a heavy heart because I see the condition of so many of those whom I love and often I see how there is hardly any conviction of sin in the average person. We are now living in a day of 'Eat, drink and be merry; we have much goods laid up so why be anxious about our souls?' I believe this is the attitude, maybe unconsciously, but it's there. Folks are blinded by Satan, by wanting to have their own way, but blinded to the truth.

I don't know what the Lord has in store for this ministry or for me as your Pastor. I do know that our Lord has been faithful now for many years. I have been involved in the work here for all these years; actually since the early 1950's as a young man with a wife and young children. I had no knowledge of even the religious world, for my folks were not church-going people, by His providence.

Because of His love and great mercy, He chose to call one such as I and awaken me to my true spiritual condition - open my heart, let me see my need of cleansing from my sin and yes, give me grace to come to Him as a poor, helpless sinner seeking mercy and He graciously saved me. I tell you my friend, the greatest thing that ever can happen in this life is to be awakened out of Satan's sleep and then be given grace to repent, take all the blame and be washed in the blood of our Blessed Lord.

Now I'm here, an old man, growing weary, day by day; looking for that city not made by hands, looking to go home to see Him who died for me, paid my sin debt and made me a child of the King. I don't even attempt to understand why He would save me, place me here as the Pastor of this gracious ministry, but I know that my Lord knows the beginning from the end. He is all knowing and all loving to poor, old, lost sinners and He waits to be gracious.

Just a word to you who are saved, keep looking to Him, He is faithful and full of grace. To you who are awakened yet lost, I tell you the Lord will save you. His word is true. He tells you "Come now, and let us reason together…though your sins be as scarlet, they shall be... as wool." (Isa. 1:18) Don't linger, He will not strive with you always. Let me hear from you.

Pray for us here, the brethren and myself, as we labor to get out the Gospel. Come see us when you can and don't forget to pray for our sick loved ones.

Your Pastor,
Pastor Albert Pendarvis
Pastor Pendarvis

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